Creating your dream space

within your budget, making interior design a service widely available to all, making your house beautiful and inspired, but entirely affordable. Helping to inspire, create moods, and focus on the purpose of a room, we design stylish spaces, whilst ensuring the practicality that a residential project requires. Ultimately, we listen to exactly what you want, and simply assist in bringing that to life, within the walls of a home that is happily lived in.

Claire Hawthorn

Founder and Interior Designer

About Us

We are a small business interior design company, that focusses on affordable residential projects. These vary from full redesigns, to online consultations, to home staging in order to assist a sale. You will work with our Interior Designer, Claire, to develop ideas, inspired by you, and lead by your tastes, and create a living space you that feels like yours, and is both practical and affordable.

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